TengokuCraft is still in it's early stages, but rest assured, the moderators and I are working our hardest to finish off the town and let you guys play. :D

TengokuCraft can ONLY hold up to 25 players online at the moment, we have not tested anything more than 25 yet. :c

How do I connect to TengokuCraft?

Connecting to TengokuCraft is as simple as digging through dirt on Minecraft! Follow the steps below to get online. Make sure that you FORCE UPDATE your Minecraft client. TengokuCraft requires that you have purchased Minecraft and run on Minecraft Beta 1.7.2.
On the Minecraft main menu, select the Multiplayer option.
Next, in the box, input the TengokuCraft server IP address, which is and then click Connect.
After a few seconds or so (depending on your internet connection speed) You should automatically be connected to TengokuCraft! :D Have fun!
If you experience any issues while trying to connect to TengokuCraft, check your internet connection, and ensure that it is active. Otherwise, TengokuCraft may be down for maintenance.